Artist and Crafter

I have loved creating art since I could pick up a pencil. Crafting came later, but it quickly became another passion. It filled the gap when I suffered a serious injury to my right hand and gave up drawing and painting. After nearly 20 years, I discovered that I had healed enough that I could go back to drawing. I spent years retraining and relearning the skills I lost while unable to create art. I am finally able to draw again like I once did, particularly as technology advanced to the point that I can draw digitally. The times my joints do lock up or my hand goes into spasm, I can correct the errors easily. It’s a joy to have it back. I am even starting to be able to work with actual physical media as well as digitally.

I have not stopped crafting even though I’ve gotten my artwork back. Most often I crochet, but I also do various paper crafts, beading, embroidery, and am currently teaching myself to tat.

Selected digital works

My full portfolio can be found here.

Selected works with traditional media

My full portfolio can be found here.

Selected craft projects